Mug Shots Hiatus

4 May

 The team at Mug Shots has been bogged down by so-called “real work” and needs to take a little coffee break. Sorry for the sudden shutdown, but we plan to come back better than ever in the coming months. Thanks for reading and feel free to continue submitting your mugs to us while we’re down. We’ll be happy to display them for all to see very soon. Cheers!


Submitting to Mug Shots – Read All About It!

23 Apr

 1. It begins with a caffeine addiction.

2. A camera device captures your mug.

3. An internet device sends us your mug.

4. It ends with a picture of your mug emailed to us and posted in all it’s glory for the world to see!

By golly, old chap. It’s about as easy as enjoying the morning news with your favorite cup of Joe.

Send your images to:

While we enjoy scouring old movies and tv shows for great mug shots, we want to see some more real world personality!

We are open to see your mugs however you choose to display them, we’d like to list a few category ideas to keep the ball rolling. Looking for images in these categories:

Monday Morning Mugs

Images of people holding their mugs right out of bed or close to it. No make-up. No shower. The sleepier, the better! Please submit your first name and a couple of words to get us started. We’ll take it from there!

Beer/Drink Mugs

Images of your favorite beer or obscenely large cocktail mugs. Frozen margarita anyone? Please submit your first name and a couple of words to get us started. We’ll take it from there!

Coffee Couples

Images of two mugs side by side or images of couples holding their favorite mugs. Please submit your first names and a couple of words to get us started. We’ll take it from there!

Silly Shots

Images of people holding their favorite mugs. Goofy faces encouraged! Please submit your first name and a couple of words to get us started. We’ll take it from there!

Send your images to:

Family Mug Shot – The Parkers

20 Apr

 A Mug Shots first – the family mug shot! Meet (just a few) members of the Parker clan. They’ve thoughtfully displayed their mismatched mugs for us at Granny’s Kitchen in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Some of the family members got together to reconnect and spend the weekend with one another. Here they enjoyed a breakfast treat and a few conversation inspiring mugs to get their day started. We hope the family had a great time and made the most of their visit. Cheers!

Felix Mug – Layla

16 Apr

 Meet Layla, former black and white kitchen rocker, turned not-so-much. At one time she not only had an addiction to caffeine, but one to Felix the Cat. She had coffee mugs, salt and pepper shakers, yo-yos and figurines; all to compliment her black and white eatery. Most of the items now live in storage, but her Felix mug lives free and is her go-to office coffee charmer. How could you not have a great start to your day when that wide-eyed goofy face looks right back at you?!

TV Mugs – LOST

13 Apr

Jack, Hurley, Saywer and Desmond – Mug Shots is LOST without you! (We even miss Ben, too.)

Energizer® Mug – New Employee “145934”

9 Apr

 Proud new Energizer® employee “145934” (and we call him that so the old kids don’t beat up the new kid) has quickly adjusted to his new corporate digs. Naturally his florescent lit cubicle is outfitted with a plush signature pink bunny (in flip flops!) and a mug that employee “239867” and “835679” mistakenly took home on their first day, never to be seen again. A few photos of the wifey and maybe a nice plant and employee “145934” will fit right in with everyone else. Good luck on the new gig and to the many corporate coffee refills in your future!

TV Mugs – Modern Family (Take 2!)

6 Apr

 If you’re a regular reader, than yes it’s true, Modern Family has already appeared on Mug Shots in recent months. If you missed the post, check it out here. However, a few weeks later, the clever writers gave us this gem we could not ignore! Mitchell is seen sporting an “I Love Me” mug in an episode this season. If you know Mitchell, you know this mug is oh so fitting. Happy Friday everyone! Take a little time to love yourself, too.

TV Mugs – NYC Prep

2 Apr

Short-lived teen reality show, NYC Prep, followed 6 real-life Gossip Girl Manhattan prep school kids as they attended events such as elite weekend parties, fashion shows, charity events and dinner parties. Keep in mind, these bastards are 16 and living the good life. Makes you sick, doesn’t it? In one episode, bi-curious PC and his whiny best gal pal, Jessie, met for afternoon coffee and discussed the previous weekend’s escapades. PC thinks he’ll take on a “project” and wants to become a mentor to young Taylor, a naive 15-year-old public school hottie. As he tells this to Jessie, she swivels in her chair and spends much of the conversation with her face hidden in her coffee mug. Great for us! Awkward to watch… The 2009 series is now stream-tastic on Netflix and will guarantee to kill a weekend afternoon.

We know you love us. (And secretly love this smut, too.)
Mug Shots

TV Mugs – Seinfeld

30 Mar

Season 6, Episode 11 – The Switch
Original Air Date—5 January 1995

Countless episodes of Seinfeld featured Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer at their favorite eatery, Monk’s, sipping on the diner’s mugs, time and time again. When deciding on an episode to feature on Mug Shots, the choice really was simple. These great mug shots came straight from the cosmos! In this episode, Jerry’s girlfriend (number 65 or so) never smiles or laughs at his jokes but her roommate laughs at everything he says, so he contemplates “the switch”. The screenshots show Jerry and George as they come up with an idea as to how Jerry might get away with it. Another fabulous reveal in this episode – Kramer’s first name!! Spoiler Alert: We already said it somewhere in this post. If you can’t find it, we’re pretty sure this episode (like the rest) is on in syndication once a week, so chances are, you’ll catch it.

Spring Has Sprung – Jeff

26 Mar

Time to get outside and start snapping those daytime mug shots! This one from the balcony of the Peoria, IL Joe’s Crab Shack, sure makes the smack dab middle of the state look a lot cooler. Thanks Jeff, for snapping your afternoon delight. Cheers to you and looking forward to more outdoor shots from all of you!