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Coffee Couple – Dex and Kristin

20 Jan

Meet Dex and Kristin and their college mugs. Both Dex and Kristin attended the University of Mississippi. Hotty Toddy! The couple actually met while attending school. Little did they know, while far from their hometowns, that the two lived quite close to one another in neighboring communities in Illinois. Crazy! They dated, fell in love and after graduating exchanged wedding vows. A year ago they welcomed a baby girl (Zoey) to their family. When she’s old enough for her own mug, send it our way!


Monday Morning Coffee Couple – Jason and Tess

21 Nov

Meet newlyweds Jason and Tess and their coffee mugs. Jason possesses the Sun Studio mug and the tats. Tess is holding the Haight-Ashbury mug and sporting a slightly out of frame smirk. Based on their mugs, we can tell a little bit of what each other may have fallen in love with about the other person. Jason might like music, history, Memphis or the 1950’s. Tess might like bohemian ambiance, hippies, San Francisco or the 1960s. The ying to each other’s yang. They sound like good fits to us. Cheers to Jason and Tess and enjoy your married life!

Coffee Couple – Mike and Joyce

2 Nov

Meet the mugs of Joyce and Mike. Married for 12 years. Mike’s mug (the TWA collector one) sits quietly at the office desk. Surely he is busy dispatching pilots checking football scores or something of the like. More likely though, he’s building a Sim City. Mike has played a computer game or two in his time. Then there’s Joyce’s mug (undoubtedly a gift from Mike) with all of the lovey terms splashed about. Joyce’s mug hangs in the kitchen where she does her best work. She puts the home in home-cooking. A true hostess with the mostess. We’ll happily accept an invite to the next food fest. Thanks for sharing Mike and Joyce!

Coffee Couple – Joe and Kim

31 Aug

Meet Joe and Kim and their rugged side. While vacationing in Yosemite National Park, the twosome decided to take a coffee break and enjoy their surrounding splendor. Cool, crisp breeze, hot coffee, mountain views a little sunshine. Sounds like a great day to us. And Joe looks to be a Cardinals fan. Bonus points!