TV Mugs – NYC Prep

2 Apr

Short-lived teen reality show, NYC Prep, followed 6 real-life Gossip Girl Manhattan prep school kids as they attended events such as elite weekend parties, fashion shows, charity events and dinner parties. Keep in mind, these bastards are 16 and living the good life. Makes you sick, doesn’t it? In one episode, bi-curious PC and his whiny best gal pal, Jessie, met for afternoon coffee and discussed the previous weekend’s escapades. PC thinks he’ll take on a “project” and wants to become a mentor to young Taylor, a naive 15-year-old public school hottie. As he tells this to Jessie, she swivels in her chair and spends much of the conversation with her face hidden in her coffee mug. Great for us! Awkward to watch… The 2009 series is now stream-tastic on Netflix and will guarantee to kill a weekend afternoon.

We know you love us. (And secretly love this smut, too.)
Mug Shots


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