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Monday Morning Mug – Jason

28 Nov

Meet Jason and his Monday morning mug. This shot was taken at Apprill’s in Hermann, Missouri (a bed and breakfast) on 11/6/11. The very morning before his afternoon wedding. According to other members of the wedding party, Jason made the worst coffee ever! He had his proportions all off and it tasted super strong. Looks like Jason needs a little help with that kind of stuff. Good thing he found his special lady. Congrats and cheers to Jason and Jess!


Monday Morning Coffee Couple – Jason and Tess

21 Nov

Meet newlyweds Jason and Tess and their coffee mugs. Jason possesses the Sun Studio mug and the tats. Tess is holding the Haight-Ashbury mug and sporting a slightly out of frame smirk. Based on their mugs, we can tell a little bit of what each other may have fallen in love with about the other person. Jason might like music, history, Memphis or the 1950’s. Tess might like bohemian ambiance, hippies, San Francisco or the 1960s. The ying to each other’s yang. They sound like good fits to us. Cheers to Jason and Tess and enjoy your married life!

Monday Morning Mug – Stephanie

7 Nov

Meet Stephanie and her Monday morning mug. Not quite as “just out of bed” as we’d like it, but we’ll cut her a break. She’s on her commute to work and by the looks of the barely sunlit sky behind her, she’s in dire need of that caffeine boost for her early ride in. When you’re surrounded by a train full of other grumps in the morning, one can only imagine how attitudes can rub off on others quite easily. Looks like Stephanie has plenty of jolt in her cup and countless unpronounceable words to keep her mind busy and tune the others out.

Hey – we’ve already learned something just by studying this post. Caffeine’s molecular formula is: C8 H10 N4 O2. The memory bank is really spilling over with useless information now!


Monday Morning Mug – Bill

17 Oct

Meet Bill and his ode to delicious dog hair. Actually, we think he’d prefer his coffee without it, but his love for his pup trumps his coffee comfort. By the looks of this picture, if Bill’s not careful, he may get a strand or two of his own in the mix. Tame that mop, son!

Monday Morning Mug – Jenny

22 Aug

Goooooooood morning! Meet Jenny and her rainbow mug. As the beacon of morning light pours through, washing over Jenny and her mug, it only adds to the awesomeness of this moment in time. The hair, the stain on the shirt, the marvelous ceramic sweeps of color. We applaud Jenny for her willingness to capture this Monday morning snapshot and share it with us. Cheers!

Monday Morning Mug – Julie

1 Aug

Meet Julie and her Monday morning mug. Her ceramic mug was handmade and decorated by her artistic friend, Elisa, in Wisconsin, for the Chequamegon Food Co-op, a popular local organic food store. Find out more about them on Facebook.

If Julie and her Monday morning look this good right out of slumber, we’re on board. Drink up and start the day!