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Movie Mugs – Pearl Jam Twenty

7 Mar

Mug Shots has a soft spot for documentaries and even softer spot for Pearl Jam. Put the two together and get pure gold! In 2011, the band celebrated 20 years of making music together with the anniversary of the release of the Ten album. Filmmaker and huge fan, Cameron Crowe, decided to highlight this achievement and chronicle the boys in a rockumentary about their history. The film crew visited the homes of some of the guys and got a glimpse into their lives today. While Jeff Ament (bassist) keeps the most history stuff, Stone Gossard (guitarist) was able to find this Mexico City mug he picked up while touring with the band. While inspecting the mug, Stone realizes it needs another run through the dishwasher. We’ll say! He goes on to scour the basement and way off in the corner, discovers a dusty old Grammy. Funny site to the true fans. Pearl Jam doesn’t make the music to win awards. They make the music to enrich the soul. With 20 years and 9 hit albums in the mix, it doesn’t look like Pearl Jam is stopping anytime soon. Thanks for 20 great years and looking forward to 20 more.


Movie Mugs – True Lies

29 Feb

The Mug Shots team loves a good flick and this one is certainly a goodie. James Cameron assembled an all-star cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Bill Paxton, Tia Carrere and Eliza Dushku to bring us the story of the life of Harry Tasker: Secret Agent for the United States Government. True Lies packs enough action and humor into its sometimes absurd plot to entertain the audience. At 141 minutes, there better be some entertainment value! Our favorite character to watch most certainly has to be Gib (Tom Arnold). He’s quick, witty and doesn’t take crap from any sick bitches that take the ICE CUBE trays out of the FREEZER! In this scene he catches young Dana (Harry’s daughter) ripping him off while watching through some nifty 1994 spy glasses during his morning coffee. We told you this film was choice!

Movie Mugs – Pretty In Pink

24 Feb

It’s our final John Hughes tribute week mug! You didn’t think we’d do a John Hughes week and not feature the man’s muse: Molly Ringwold? Well, think again. It’s up to discussion as to what John/Molly film is the best, but John specifically wrote the part of Andie in Pretty In Pink for Ringwold. As far as 1986 goes, she was irreplaceable. She took on the roll of a working-class high school girl who has a crush on one of the richie boys. When Andie and Blane (“Blaine? His name is Blaine? That’s not a name, it’s a major appliance!”) try to get together, they encounter resistance from their respective social circles. We must mention our love/hate for Blane’s buddy Steff (James Spader)! Another pretentiously named richie that majors in douche baggery. He wears light colored Miami Vice inspired get ups most of the flick and makes looking cool look, well, cool.
We also have a love/hate for Duckie, Andie’s sidekick. John Cryer, your Otis Redding impression – via “Try a Little Tenderness” is gold, but your whining and pining over Andie gets a little nauseating. Get a clue, pal.

The film leaves us still humming “If You Leave” by¬†Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. I touch you once I touch you twice. I won’t let go at any price

Thank you, John Hughes, for the beloved characters, memorable lines and soundtracks that imprinted the 1980’s in our brains forever. Cheers!

Movie Mugs – Curly Sue

22 Feb

Our second John Hughes tribute mug comes from the 1991 flick, Curly Sue. A charming story about an adult man and his pint-sized con artist companion. Did we say charming? Actually, looking back, this plot is a bit strange. But alas, we were still lured in. Set in Chicago (a John Hughes trademark) the tough twosome trick a rich and beautiful divorce lawyer into believing she backed her Mercedes into Bill, in hopes of a free meal. It works! She treats them to some grub at Rocky Fellers House Of Beef. A real classy establishment judging by the plastic cafeteria trays. C’mon rich lady – maybe throw a few more bucks down next time! As most darling feel good movies go, you should know this is not the last we see of “lawyer lady” and her purse strings get a little looser as the movie clock ticks on. Way to con, Curly Sue!

Movie Mugs – Uncle Buck

20 Feb

It’s John Hughes week with Mug Shots! All week, we’ll be posing mug shots from various beloved 80’s and 90’s John Hughes classics.

Uncle Buck will kick things off. Not long after the Russel family is uprooted for dad’s job and moves from Indianapolis to Chicago, tragedy strikes and Grandpa has a heart attack. While Mom and Pops head back to deal with the family strife, Uncle Buck steps up to the plate and heads out to the suburbs to look after the three Russell kiddos. Tia (the resentful teenager) greets her estranged uncle with a sour puss and a “too cool for school” attitude. She even tried to impress her elder by sipping a cup of coffee before heading off to school. She’s not the only problem child, though. Two rugrats (a super young Gaby Hoffmann and Macaulay Culkin) round out the rest of the clan. Even at the 8-10 year-old age portrayal, the kids are a handful. Miles (Culkin) and Buck have quite the fast-talking adult speed conversation. It’s cute. It’s endearing. It’s hilarious. It wears us out.

Miles: Where do you live?
Buck: In the city.
Miles: You have a house?
Buck: Apartment.
Miles: Own or rent?
Buck: Rent.
Miles: What do you do for a living?
Buck: Lots of things.
Miles: Where’s your office?
Buck: I don’t have one.
Miles: How come?
Buck: I don’t need one.
Miles: Where’s your wife?
Buck: Don’t have one.
Miles: How come?
Buck: It’s a long story.
Miles: You have kids?
Buck: No I don’t.
Miles: How come?
Buck: It’s an even longer story.
Miles: Are you my Dad’s brother?
Buck: What’s your record for consecutive questions asked?
Miles: 38.
Buck: I’m your Dad’s brother alright.
Miles: You have much more hair in your nose than my Dad.
Buck: How nice of you to notice.
Miles: I’m a kid – that’s my job.

Movie Mugs – Forgetting Sarah Marshall

15 Feb

We here at the Mug Shots team are suckers for cleverness. For example, we really loved where reader Daniel went with his image for this post. This image from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (submitted by Jeff) is another crackerjack mug shot! The film follows a devastated Peter (pictured left) as he takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (pictured right). Little does Peter know, Sarah’s traveling to the same resort… and she’s bringing along her new boyfriend. Don’t worry, Mila Kunis is there to help pick up Peter’s crumbled soul. FSM is a silly film, written by Jason Segal (Peter) and worth watching for a few chuckles.

Movie Mugs – Austin Powers

6 Feb

The British get away with everything. Raunchy comedy films where nakedness is able to be mocked and implied. Oh no they didn’t!!! Wait, what? This movie is American made and they poke fun at British people? Oh, well, we stand corrected. The Brits don’t get to have all the fun after all. Check out these mugs and jugs in Austin Powers. Yeah, baby!

Movie Mugs – Swingers

1 Feb

Talk about some beautiful babies! This 15 year old film pretty much launched the career of both Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. Written by Jon Favreau, Swingers in the story of two Rat Pack inspired wannabe acting stars. This scene depicts the outrageousness of Vince Vaughn after a night out with the fellas. We all thought that act might die off after all these years. Nope, not so much. Either way, this mug shot is money. You dig?

Movie Mugs – Home Alone

18 Jan

Nothing says Christmas like flying the whole family over to Paris for a getaway. All of the family that is, except for…KEVIN! Home Alone is the story of Kevin McAllister (a seriously arrogant 8-year-old boy) who hates the fact that he lives in a family who constantly bullies him. While his family leaves for their Christmas vacation, they leave him behind by accident. The realization is discovered high above the Atlantic and Kevin’s mom does everything in her power to get back to her forgotten child. For entertainment value, Kevin is kept busy by outwitting two burglars with their eyes on the rich family’s home. Like we said before, Paris? Clearly this family has some bucks. Despite the ludicrous storyline, Home Alone has become an instant family classic and can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Movie Mugs – Singles

9 Jan

Love is a game. Easy to start. Hard to finish. Singles is for anyone who’s walked through the minefield called dating…and on occasion been blown up.

Call it the Seattle Melrose Place. The Cameron Crowe film follows a group of twenty-something friends, most of whom live in the same apartment complex. Love doesn’t come easy. Especially for Steve Dunne. In this coffee sipping scene, he analyzes his last break-up for the audience.

“I broke up with someone recently: Jennifer, my last girlfriend. I did it in a crowded restaurant. She just stared at me with that look: How can you pass me up? I told her we weren’t right and all the stuff we both knew. A week later I realized I was wrong, tried to get back together with her. She won’t see me. Now she’s with Tony. Tony knows my friend Bailey, who’s friends with the girl Tony’s going out with on the side, Rita. Rita who I broke up with to go out with Jennifer. So now do I tell Jennifer that I know Tony’s going out with Rita or do I tell Rita that I know about Tony and Jennifer? Tony will tell Jennifer that I was still going out with Rita while I was going out with her. How does stuff get so complicated? I don’t know.”

Confused? Watch Singles and hopefully it all makes a little more sense. Oh – and keep your eyes peeled for a very young Eddie Vedder cameo!