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Spring Has Sprung – Jeff

26 Mar

Time to get outside and start snapping those daytime mug shots! This one from the balcony of the Peoria, IL Joe’s Crab Shack, sure makes the smack dab middle of the state look a lot cooler. Thanks Jeff, for snapping your afternoon delight. Cheers to you and looking forward to more outdoor shots from all of you!


Quaker Steak and Lube Mugs – Ryan and Mike

4 Jan

Meet Ryan and Mike and their Quaker Steak and Lube mugs of brew. These fellas visited the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania location recently and took part in tasting the “Best Wings USA”. The Lube (for short) has been rescuing muscle cars, vintage cars, trucks and a vast selection of custom and antique motorcycles, giving them good homes hanging from the walls and ceilings in each of their 30+ restaurants, since 1974. Interesting and a bit scary to sit under the vehicles, but a fun concept nonetheless. Learn more about “The Lube” here and chow down!

Merry Christmas Mug Shot!

23 Dec

Bottoms up. May your holidays be holly and JOLLY! Cheers!

Spuds MacKenzie Mug – Mike

14 Dec

Meet Mike’s Spuds MacKenzie beer mug. If you know who Spuds MacKenzie is, we’d have to guess you are old enough to drink the brew legally. If you don’t, you are much, much too young! The 1980’s Bud Light Bull Terrier “the original party animal” mascot became wildly popular and was merchandised as plush toys, t-shirts, drinkware, posters and more. The dog’s real name was Honey Tree Evil Eye – a girl! – and she live a happy, bubbly life for almost 10 years (October 7, 1983 – May 31, 1993).  Her (his) legacy will live on as one of the most widely recognized pop icons of our lifetime.

Hermann, Missouri Mug – Nate

23 Nov

Meet Nate and his rainbow mug. As bartender at the The Concert Hall Barrel Bar in Hermann, Missouri, Nate kick starts his early shifts with a cup or two of the black magic. The Barrel Bar once claimed to be the oldest continually operating tavern West of the Mississippi. With a claim like that, Nate needs to be on his game to remain friendly and take great care of the people passing through day to day. If you’re ever in the area, stop in and say hello. Prepare for great people watching with a mixture of city-oriented tourists and rural community members. A kind of melting pot we always like to see!

Mugshots Grill & Bar – Daniel

14 Nov

Cheers to Daniel for submitting our first beer mug. And way to hit it out of the park new friend! While visiting family in Mississippi, Daniel partook in a weekday lunchtime treat at Mugshots Grill & Bar. Record player stops – screeeeeech. Say what?! Such a place exists? Knees buckling. Heart weak. We’re in love.

Great find Daniel! Be sure to learn more about the Mugshots Grill & Bar story here.