Movie Mugs – Singles

9 Jan

Love is a game. Easy to start. Hard to finish. Singles is for anyone who’s walked through the minefield called dating…and on occasion been blown up.

Call it the Seattle Melrose Place. The Cameron Crowe film follows a group of twenty-something friends, most of whom live in the same apartment complex. Love doesn’t come easy. Especially for Steve Dunne. In this coffee sipping scene, he analyzes his last break-up for the audience.

“I broke up with someone recently: Jennifer, my last girlfriend. I did it in a crowded restaurant. She just stared at me with that look: How can you pass me up? I told her we weren’t right and all the stuff we both knew. A week later I realized I was wrong, tried to get back together with her. She won’t see me. Now she’s with Tony. Tony knows my friend Bailey, who’s friends with the girl Tony’s going out with on the side, Rita. Rita who I broke up with to go out with Jennifer. So now do I tell Jennifer that I know Tony’s going out with Rita or do I tell Rita that I know about Tony and Jennifer? Tony will tell Jennifer that I was still going out with Rita while I was going out with her. How does stuff get so complicated? I don’t know.”

Confused? Watch Singles and hopefully it all makes a little more sense. Oh – and keep your eyes peeled for a very young Eddie Vedder cameo!


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