Another Broken Egg Cafe Mug

16 Mar

One more breakfast joint that does breakfast like breakfast is supposed to be. Another Broken Egg Cafe has set up shop in the Southern U.S. in states like Texas, Louisiana and (this mug from) Mississippi. After reading the menu, the Mug Shots team only wishes there were a closer location! Some omelettes we wouldn’t mind digging into:

The Floridian
Our cream cheese filled omelette is topped with fresh crabmeat sautéed in our special house-made garlic butter and finished with melted Jack cheese and a touch of scallions.

The Farm Fresh
Our garden fresh selection of broccoli, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes & melted combo cheese.

Bacado Omelette
Our baked crisp bacon & avocado slices are finished off with melted Monterey Jack cheese, with homemade salsa.

Through community coffee they have been awarded “gold cup” status. Brought to the customer by carefully monitoring & metering the quality of their coffee & water. Line us up a few of those omelettes and a mug of that quality brew and paint us a picture of a wonderful morning!


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