Movie Mugs – Pearl Jam Twenty

7 Mar

Mug Shots has a soft spot for documentaries and even softer spot for Pearl Jam. Put the two together and get pure gold! In 2011, the band celebrated 20 years of making music together with the anniversary of the release of the Ten album. Filmmaker and huge fan, Cameron Crowe, decided to highlight this achievement and chronicle the boys in a rockumentary about their history. The film crew visited the homes of some of the guys and got a glimpse into their lives today. While Jeff Ament (bassist) keeps the most history stuff, Stone Gossard (guitarist) was able to find this Mexico City mug he picked up while touring with the band. While inspecting the mug, Stone realizes it needs another run through the dishwasher. We’ll say! He goes on to scour the basement and way off in the corner, discovers a dusty old Grammy. Funny site to the true fans. Pearl Jam doesn’t make the music to win awards. They make the music to enrich the soul. With 20 years and 9 hit albums in the mix, it doesn’t look like Pearl Jam is stopping anytime soon. Thanks for 20 great years and looking forward to 20 more.


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