TV Mugs – Big Bang Theory

2 Mar

Now in it’s 5th season, The Big Bang Theory, has captured a solid viewing audience and week after week the geeky-goofball cast mates entertain. In the 4th season’s “The Herb Garden Germination”, Sheldon and Amy secretly experiment on the gang by spreading rumors about the two of them engaging in coitus. Above, they cheers to their experiment. Amy casually drops it into conversations with her bestie, “Sheldon and I engaged in sexual intercourse. In other news, I’m thinking of starting an herb garden. Mum’s the word! Gotta go!” and so on. Sheldon and Amy sit back and watch as the meme reaches full penetration. (Pun intended!) Just one of the fun, scientific based humor-iffic plot lines that the writers do a great job of keeping fresh.


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