TV Mugs – Clarissa Explains It All

27 Feb

Nickelodeon nerd alert! In the early 90’s Nickelodeon (the network for kiddos) was the mecca of tween audience programming. Shows like Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Clarissa Explains It All reigned supreme. Clarissa was the funky clothed teen that addressed the audience directly to describe the things that were happening in her life. She talked about how she dealt with typical pre-adolescent concerns such as school, boys, pimples and an annoying little brother. Clarissa and Ferguson Darling (“Ferg-face”, “Fergwad” or “Fergbreath” as she lovingly nicknamed her little bro) shared most of the screen time. Occasionally, the entire family would sit down to awkwardly enjoy a meal smashed on the outer 2/3 of the table – hello single camera shot! Janet and Marshall Darling were 60’s flower children and their quirkiness follows them way into parenthood. She drinks from a sweet wrap around fish tale mug and his is an outdoor painted scene. Very home ec chic! Sorry to see the family has all grown and gone their separate ways, but we hear Nick reruns some episodes occasionally in the late-night time slot.


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