Movie Mugs – Curly Sue

22 Feb

Our second John Hughes tribute mug comes from the 1991 flick, Curly Sue. A charming story about an adult man and his pint-sized con artist companion. Did we say charming? Actually, looking back, this plot is a bit strange. But alas, we were still lured in. Set in Chicago (a John Hughes trademark) the tough twosome trick a rich and beautiful divorce lawyer into believing she backed her Mercedes into Bill, in hopes of a free meal. It works! She treats them to some grub at Rocky Fellers House Of Beef. A real classy establishment judging by the plastic cafeteria trays. C’mon rich lady – maybe throw a few more bucks down next time! As most darling feel good movies go, you should know this is not the last we see of “lawyer lady” and her purse strings get a little looser as the movie clock ticks on. Way to con, Curly Sue!


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