TV Mugs – The State

25 Jan

Hot off the 1994 press – The State on MTV. The show was a sketch-comedy that had a cast consisting of 11 twenty-something comedians (one gal, ten fellas) who created, acted, wrote, directed, and edited the show. Pretty impressive, even for today’s standards.

The “Must Have Caffeine: Coffee Family” was just one of the many over-the-top sketches that the group churned out week after week. The screen captures pretty much tell the story and the end of the sketch leaves some poor sap with a wet, caffeinated mess to clean up. All in the name of great comedy. The State was short-lived, but the original 11 members have gone on to do some really great projects. The creative minds behind The State also had part in Reno 911!, Role Models and Wet Hot American Summer. Keep us laughing boys (and girl)!


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