Movie Mugs – The Rock-afire Explosion

21 Dec

The Rock-afire Explosion is the story of a an animatronic rock band that has landed a role as an eccentric portrait of childhood memories, broken dreams, and the resilience of the human spirit. The film makers speak to the band’s creator and follow a number of fans that can’t let the Showbiz Pizza Place memories slip from their grip.

One mega-fan, Chris Thrash, a car salesman from Phenix City, Alabama who recently purchased a Rock-afire Explosion is interviewed and he shares a glimpse into his life and his love for the show. The man lives a simple life. He drinks Mountain Dew and nothing else. In his retro Showbiz mugs, of course!

The film is inspiring and depressing all at the same time. Worth a look for any child of the 80’s or the parents that were forced to chaperone the oodles of children at countless Showbiz adventures. Learn more about the film here. Showbiz Pizza – Where a kid can be a kid!


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