TV Mugs – Arrested Development

30 Nov

We could chat for days about this show, but we’ll try to keep it simple and just share a small glimpse into one of the many spectacular characters. In early season 2 of this short lived, genius sitcom, Tobias Fünke (husband, father, never nude) spots a flyer and attends what he thinks is a support group for depressed men. It’s in reality, it’s a performance of the Blue Man Group. Tobias decides to audition. He is attempting to join the Blue Man Group as a standby understudy. (Yes, apparently that’s a thing!) He spends much of season 2 covered in the blue goop, just in case they call. Pull up a stool and a cup of joe, Tobias. You’re gonna need it. We’ll wait by the phone with you until the much anticipated new 10 episode season and movie comes out!


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