Bee-otch Mug – Jen

16 Nov

Meet Jen’s Bee-otch mug. One she enjoys in the comfort of her own home. Take this one to the office and the co-workers may come to the wrong conclusions. Keep it off the streets, too. You don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.

Some possible outcomes:

1.) She likes bees.

People will think Jen keeps bees for the benefits like delicious honey and beeswax. Before she knows it, she’s bottling the nectar and molding candles for Christmas gifts. You don’t need the extra headache, Jen!

2.) She likes black and yellow.

This University of Illinois gal can’t let that nonsense get misinterpreted. She has a closet full of blue and orange and can’t risk the Mizzou association. Oh hell no!

Let’s see, did we miss anything??


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