Rainbow Hearts Mug – Nicole

26 Oct

Meet Nicole’s rainbow hearts mug. Her grandmother had 13 grandchildren and every year at Christmas time, she would get every grandchild a gift, but was sure to make everyone’s the same (but different) in some way. Sometime in the later 80’s, Nicole’s grandmother got all of the kids a mug with their name on the side. Girls were hearts and boys were boats. Nicole has kept this mug for 20+ years and thinks of her grandmother every time she sees it. Many cups of soup and hot chocolate made its way into this mug and now into our hearts. Our hearts; hearts mug…bet Grandma didn’t know she was so clever back then!


2 Responses to “Rainbow Hearts Mug – Nicole”

  1. Joe 10/26/2011 at 2:04 pm #

    I bet she knew she was clever back then–great mug!


  1. Sailboat Mug – Ryan « - 01/11/2012

    […] Ryan’s sailboat mug. The sibling brother mug to a previous post! Ryan’s sister (Nicole) had kept her rainbow hearts mug for 20+ years and little did she know […]

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