Welcome to Mug Shots!

13 Jul

How do you begin your day? Most of us need a swift caffeinated kick-start to get things moving. While you may want to guzzle the dark deliciousness directly from the pot, your civilized side prompts you to stop, grab a mug and enjoy it by the cup.

What we want to know is what does that mug say about you? Will it show your witty side? Tell us a deep dark secret? Share words of wisdom? Reveal your true love for Tina Turner? If you can’t say it on your mug, how will the rest of us ever know?

Share your “mug shots” with us! We want to know what delivers that roasted brew to your mind, body and soul. What vessel is worthy enough to deliver that wake-up call day in and day out? Just send a picture of your mug (and yourself if you’d like) along with your first name and a couple of words to get us started. We’ll take it from there. Looking forward to your submissions and making your mug famous!

Send your images to: mugshotsblog@gmail.com


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